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To track your online order, please send the delivery waybill number you were sent on your order dispatched email.

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Our FAQ Guide to Order Tracking

What does the status "ready to go" mean?

This status means that the seller has your order packaged up, but the courier company hasn't picked it up yet.

What does it mean if the order status reads "available for pickup"?

When the shipping carrier has decided to hold your package at one of its local facilities rather than have it delivered to your address, your package will be marked as "Available for Pick Up." This happens when your signature is required to complete the delivery, and no one was home to collect the package and sign for it (or you just didn't hear the doorbell). You will usually find a sticky note on your door with information about which facility you need to visit to collect your package.

What does "out for delivery" mean?

It means that your package has been put on a delivery truck and is on its way to the shipping address you provided when you placed your order. When a package is marked as out for delivery, it gets delivered within 12 hours. 

If for some reason the driver was unable to deliver the package (due to heavy traffic or if no one was at home to sign and receive the package), the shipment will be out for delivery again the next time the delivery vehicle sets out on its daily route.

What does it mean if the tracking status is shown as "out for delivery" for several days?

A package is marked as "out for delivery" when it is placed on a local delivery van that's about to go on its daily route. This status means that the shipping company plans to deliver the package the very same day. 

Delivery drivers can only work for a certain number of hours per week. If the driver has reached the end of their working day and the package is still on the truck, it will return to the facility, and the driver will try to deliver it again the next day. If your shipment is out for delivery for many days, this scenario must be playing out for a couple of days in a row. 

Is it possible to track a package beyond the "on vehicle for delivery" status?

Unfortunately not. Shipping carriers generally do not disclose the details of the routes they take, primarily for safety and logistics reasons. The last thing they want to do is publicize the exact location of a delivery truck that contains thousands of dollars worth of products.

What should I do if the tracking status shows that the package was delivered but I didn't receive it?

You can rely on package delivery information — if a tracking status shows that a package is delivered, then it was most likely dropped off somewhere. If you do not find it at your address, follow the steps below to locate your package: 

  • Look for the delivery location in the tracking information. The delivery confirmation will in all likelihood include where the package was dropped off (for example, the mailbox or the front porch).  

  • Re-check the shipping address. Any error in the shipping address can mean that the package was delivered to the wrong location. 

  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have received the package on your behalf. The delivery driver could have left it with them by mistake. 

If you have not been able to locate your package, despite all the checks, it's time to get in touch with your carrier and see what went wrong. If they are of no help, reach out to us at